• Like any other class of Intellectual Property, there has been a huge misunderstanding and a substantial degree of perplexity by the general public on the question of trademarks and their protection.

    Repercussions of this have therefore been serious infringements and mishandling of these marks. Due to the immense content pertaining to trademarks, this article shall briefly elaborate to minimal extend what they are, when and how they are protected especially in the context of Lesotho.

  • In November 18, 1986, Lesotho became party to a convention establishing the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), a convention first signed at Stockholm on July 14, 1967 and amended on September 28, 1979. Currently with a membership of 191 countries, the main objectives of WIPO are to promote the protection of intellectual property throughout the world through cooperation among States and to ensure administrative cooperation among the Unions.